Review: 32nd In The World Attica, Melboune

Review: 32nd In The World Attica, Melboune

Trying to book into Attica is a mission. 3 days into the month on November I went to book a table, the result being fully booked out for the whole month in March. Understanding such credited Restaurants and the booking of them we chose to go on the waiting list and book Vue De Monde instead. More of that in another review to come. On Friday afternoon i received a call saying a table has become open and asking if  I would like to book it for the next night being Saturday… Of course i would , you would be mad not to. Now, I felt the Restaurant itself was very intimate so i can only share one picture of the outside building. It was almost uncomfortable to pull a phone or camera out. image The journey to the restaurant was interesting. In a suburb known as Ripponlea not in Melbourne but about a 20 min train ride, car ride or taxi away. On a street that had very little, you see the entrance of the bricked building. A waiter kindly opened the door and we were taken to our table. The restaurant is black everything, besides the white table-cloth and down lights on each table to really bring the shine out of the glassware. The what seems to be larder and dessert section is glassed off while you can see chefs in the sectioned off kitchen working away with finesse. The communication to the main kitchen which you can see through the pass is done via walkie talkies. image The menu for me, was brilliant. Everything worked, it didn’t matter what the dish was the acid levels were right, the salt levels were right and the textures were all there. Every course was a big tick. The highlight for me was the crab dish, served with a yellow tomato soup and various micro herbs and flowers. it was Amazing. I wont go in lengths about every course but it seemed to be all spot on. Beer and wine list too perfect. The house baked bread with macadamia puree is one of the best things in the world. Unlimited amount too. But don’t fill up too much. After the 142 days of earth course, being braised cabbage with emu fillet (which was delicious) we were taken out back with 2 chefs to the herb garden, whom made you a fresh spider to drink which was made of house made lime soda and fresh churned vanilla ice cream. whilst drinking, it was relaxing and friendly as you could chat to the chefs who seemed very open for conversation and let you pick strawberries and herbs to try at your own will. A good stretch before going back to the table i think. Back at the table, we were seated to what was the first desert of the night. Eaten with a long wooden spoon from a wooden half pear shaped bowl, an Australian spice infused ice-cream layed topped with crunchy herbed pear balls with crisp pear skin on top. A very nice dessert in my opinion, beautifully presented too. Without giving too much away Attica is one you must try for your self. If your keen for adventure, this is for you. No menu is given, as each course is what it is, and until you have finished 3 hours later you only then get the menu which you just ate given to you. In the end, not a fault to be made except one waiter seemed to be very quiet and hard to understand as each dish is explained to you. Menu was roughly $200 dollars per person. Drinks can be ordered by bottle or glass. Matching drinks where available for each course too. You will not be disappointed for what the 50 or so seated restaurant has to offer. That’s if you can get a booking.

Contact and Phone:

74 Glen Eira Road Ripponlea,Victoria 3185, Australia

03 9530 0111

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