Review: Hardware Societe, Melbourne

Review: Hardware Societe, Melbourne

Located on Hardware Street in Melbourne CBD the cleverly named Breakie, brunch and lunch Bistro is what i expected it to be if the online reviews have anything to say. A Saturday Morning line up outside was surprisingly short (10 mins approx). We were taken to our table lucky to have it for our self’s (they squish you in anywhere they can fit you).

To start things off was a latte, served only in one size with beans sourced locally from Brunswick. An excellent coffee indeed. The menu was ballsy, the way it pulled off the slightly out there menu with the crowd. No menu changes allowed here. I love the sight of it captioned in small writing at the bottom of the menu. I opted for the Spanish Chorizo baked eggs served with a dollop of aioli on top sprinkled with slithered almonds, the dish was full of flavour and perfectly cooked as i first started eating but i was thoroughly dissapointed as i reached the second half of the small pot, as it seemed like all the flavour was lost with the eggs becoming slightly over cooked. Towards the end i started to get slightly bored but none the less it was still filling and a different change to what i have been finding on the menus all across the city.


  • Great service
  • Nice menu, many items i wish to go back for ( Pork Belly for Breakie!)
  • Very satisfying coffee
  • Hip, urban or shabby decor
  • Turned out to be boring baked eggs presented well
    Spanish baked eggs
    Spanish baked eggs

    Contact and Phone:

    120 Hardware Street, Melbourne

    03 9078 5992